A clear and penetrating analysis of the unacceptable face of banking.

That "money makes the world go 'round" seems a truth long known in theatre and literature. In fact, it is true also in reality. What makes the world go "down" rather than "'round" is greed, no matter what masks it may don, such as "national interest" or "corporate policy" or trip-offs from science like "survival of the fittest" or just plain "business sense".

Conferences, summits, libraries full of books, articles and dissertations, an abundance of theory, even entire universities are dedicated to the subject of greed clad in terms of economics.

Including the battles fought under the guise of "being right" or "meaning well" or "God's name" or "bringing salvation to...", the underlying motive of all wars - declared or not - has been and still is money and power, and even deeper than these, the power behind both: greed.

Money, possessions, power, worldly goods, the Earth itself - of which it has been written that "we shall have dominion over it - have each lost the meaning, the security and the blessing intended. The search for these lost traits has given rise to countless religions and sects, most of whom turn around and commit the very same "original sin".

The term used for all this should be "disease". The principal symptom is the hunger of "never enough" which drives us to strive for "always more". This hunger is one of the two siblings of addiction and the addiction is - ironically - only confirmed by the denial which always accompanies any addiction.

Finally someone from amongst them goes public. A former broker exposing the true nature of inflation and of the role of banking in it. Had he tried to effect any change from within the banking system, he would surely have been smothered by corporate hierarchies, policy and procedure - the prophet in his own land.

Surprising, nevertheless, John Tomlinson does not seem to be wearing any of the usual professional blinders of what is something he calls a "given". There is a great deal of thought behind his book but, throughout, the triggering moment of "Wait a minute!" is resounding. Trumpets of Jericho that should, if we are lucky, send a great deal more than mere vibrations through the walls whose stones are made of many powerful people's complacency and cemented by most of the powerless people's resignation.

Tomlinson, in a very unpretentious way, succeeded in spelling out the facts behind the causes of the disease where most people starve while a few cannot ever get enough.

Honest Money is not a voluminous book but a big one. As simplicity is difficult to come by and as beauty is simple, truth does not need libraries and universities.

Dr. Matthias Ferg

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